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Teds Woodworking Plans And Projects What You Need To Know.

Easy-to-build shed plans

Ted And His Work

Ted Mcgrath has put together a great collection of woodworking plans. Teds Woodworking plans is a database that is so extensive in terms of scope that one will probably be able to find woodworking plans for almost anything that he can think of. 

So just how sizable is Ted's woodworking collection? Teds Woodworking is a gigantic collection of some 16,000 woodworking plans. They are organized and sorted alphabetically into categories. A person can then pick a plan of their choice from the appropriate category to start building that woodworking project. Maybe you'd prefer going small like with birdhouses, dog houses, or maybe a guitar. Or how about something bigger, like a boat or an outdoor shed? No biggie. With such a sizable pool, the ideas and the possibilities of turning your DIY ideas and woodworking plans into real, useable DIY items are just endless, really. 

Because such a wide range of woodworking plans are covered, most people will be able to find the plans that they're in search of. If however, for some reason you just happen to be part of the 5% whose desired plan is so specific that it just cannot be found, in that case, all you'll need to do is submit a ticket in the member's area with photos and clear details of what you're requesting. And a custom woodworking plan will be created just for you. Not bad.


But please, note that the privilege to request and be favored with custom plans is just one of the benefits exclusive to members. But there is no membership fee or extra charges for this. One is qualified simply by making a purchase. 
Every month, members are given downloads of new plans to add to their already robust collection. 
In addition to all of this, they also receive the included video lessons that take you by the hand, as it were, with step-by-step demonstrations that you can follow to build certain furniture pieces and other items. These go in-depth, sharing skills and tricks which you can exercise and practice at your own pace.

Clearly written & Complete WoodworkingPlans

Even more noteworthy than the volume of the plans is the easy-to-follow way in which they are written. After all, what good is a bunch of woodworking plans if they leave you hanging, trying to figure out what to do next or where to put what, right? Maybe you can relate to such an experience. 
But here is something that anyone who is into woodworking plans would appreciate. They show you the way everything should look before you start building. The plans at Teds woodworking come with a complete list of all the materials that you'll need to buy, all the tools you'll need to use, you get views from all angles, and step-by-step instructions from start to finish that are just so easy to follow. It is this start-to-finish simplistic guidance that makes it possible for even those with little to no experience in woodworking to build and complete the projects.

Download Access

Since this is a digital product, after taking care of your payment information, you'll be able to download the woodworking plans and added bonuses. That means that you can gain "almost" instant access. Almost, because it's worth noting here that a collection of this size will probably take a long while to download. The upside is that you can absolutely have your woodworking plans the same day. But to facilitate circumstances and preference, there's an alternative. In addition to the download option, it could also be shipped on DVD worldwide for a small fee if you'd prefer to receive it that way.


All things considered, you can be the judge. I hope this short article was helpful and gave you some clarity into Teds Woodworking.

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