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Teds woodworking review. butcher-block plan.
Woodworking plans for beginners

Teds Woodworking Review.

What's In This Teds Woodworking Review?

What Is Teds Woodworking?

This Teds woodworking review will tell you a bit about Ted and his woodworking plans PDF. You will know what kinds of woodworking plans projects you can find at Teds Woodworking and whether they'll be of any help to you on how to do your DIY woodworking projects. You'll understand whom they are best suited for, how you can get these woodworking plans and more.

Ted's Woodworking is a huge collection of woodworking plans. Some 16,000. It is said that this is the world's largest database of woodworking plans. I really have no way of verifying that it is. However, I think you would be much more interested in the quality of the plans than in the quantity.

Who Is Ted?

Maybe you have heard of Teds woodworking plans before, maybe not. I do not know the man

personally, but I have researched him and I've seen a lot of his work. Hence we've prepared this Teds woodworking review which many do find beneficial not only to the woodworking professional but for beginners also since it contains help and simple ideas in woodworking for every level of woodworking. 

Ted has been around for a while and thinks of himself as a dedicated woodworker. So he does have some experience and a wealth of knowledge in the field of woodworking and woodworking plans.

Woodworkig Plans For Who?

Whether you're vastly experienced in woodworking, searching for step-by-step instructions and guidance doing woodworking for beginners, or you're a survivalist kind of person, the DIY woodworking plans at TedsWoodworking is likely to contribute something helpful. You may need to scroll to the bottom after clicking this link in order to add to cart.


This Teds woodworking review will tell you what Ted woodworking plans are all about.

Clearly written Woodworking Plans.

You are going to notice that these Teds woodworking plans come with crystal-clear step-by-step instructions that are just so easy to follow. Even those with little experience like the complete beginner will be able to complete their woodworking projects just by following the simple instructions.


The simplicity and clarity with which these woodworking plans are written make them beginner-friendly. They even give you an estimate of the time that each woodworking project should take to complete.

Getting The Woodworking Plans.

These woodworking plans at Teds woodworking are downloadable woodworking plans PDFs and are therefore printable. They total about 16,000. As you can imagine,16,000 woodworking plans would take quite a bit of time to completely download. That could be a pain.

Happily, there's a membership arrangement. Don't worry. It's at no extra charge. Making a purchase is all one needs to qualify.

One of the benefits of that is that you do get to have the Teds woodworking plans package on a DVD. So that takes off the long download time problem, but now, you may not get them the same day. But here, you do have a choice.

The Kind Of Woodworking Plans.

Teds Woodworking has about 16,000 woodworking plans which is not a small number.


So to be brief as to the kind of woodworking plans you can find there at Teds Woodworking, let's just say, you can probably find woodworking plans and ideas for just about any woodworking project you can imagine.

You'll find woodworking plans for professionals and woodworking plans for beginners. They do guide you withe great DIY furniture ideas on how to build your DIY furniture projects like chairs, table, desks, shelves, and a host of others. 

You can choose to build woodworking projects as small as birdhouses, dog houses, small furniture pieces, and other woodworking projects as big as boats and outdoor shed, not forgetting all the sizes existing in between.


Check out a list of the available plans here. See List Of Plans

You may need to scroll down just a little to see it. Bear in mind it's just a glimpse, but it'll give you an idea as to the extent and range of the woodworking plans you can find there. 

Material list And Cutting List.

Teds Woodworking also supplies a list of the tools and materials you'll need to complete each woodworking project. This is important because you won't buy what you don't need or be without what is really needed. You'll be fully equipped before you begin.

If you are new, your skills and confidence are sure to improve after working with any woodworking plans that are well written and include all the necessary information to guide you from start to finish.

Why Ted Woodworking Review?

This Teds Woodworking review post is to let you know what you can expect from Teds Woodworking as you search for the best possible woodworking plans PDF and ideas that can also be equally utilized and beneficial for a beginner as it would for someone more advanced in woodworking.


After considering what you'll find here today, you will them be able to decide if that is exactly what you're looking for, close enough or none of the above.

Lots of people enjoy working with wood and putting things together. If you're one of those, you may see or learn something of interest at Teds Woodworking.

 A Negative.

To be honest, though most of the woodworking plans at Teds woodworking are desirable and useful, you are likely to find ones here or there that are less than perfect which might be attributed to the great number of woodworking plans there are.

But, hey, don't take my word for it. To get Teds woodworking plans, go check it out your self.

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