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How To Set Up A Small Woodworking Shop

Equipment And Tools

 Many of us enjoy being creative and productive, putting our woodworking skills to good use. This can no doubt be really fun. To get the maximum enjoyment, however, it is a must to have a suitable place, one that's tailored just to accommodate that kind of work, woodworking. The issue, then, of how to start a small woodworking shop must have crossed your mind because of course, the knowledge of proper setup and organization of your workshop is a real asset. 

If you have the passion but are limited in space or in knowledge when it comes to the organization and setting up of a woodworking shop, take heart. You are going to learn how to set up and organize a small woodworking shop with limited space and a limited budget. You'll also see that it's possible to set up in a basement or garage or an apartment. In so doing, many issues have to be considered including lighting, soundproofing, ventilation, tool selection and so on. This article will not get into all the details. However, a comprehensive guide in the form of a small workshop book by Ralph Chattman which I think is fantastic is available here. A video presentation will explain all that is covered in the guide. I strongly recommend that you check that out if you are seeking an understanding fo how to start your woodworking shop on a budget.

Space preparation

You may have found that your space is quite limited. Happily, it is not uncommon or impossible to have a fully functional small woodworking shop set up in your basement or garage despite having little room to work with. Good organization is key, and it is supposed to yield the results we need.

One should note upfront, the amount of space available to work with. Since our workshop will be accommodating many tools some of which can be a bit bulky and would require space, it is important to take the storage of these tools into consideration right at the beginning. 

One of the most important things in our shop is the workbench. This will also need its space to reside and must be factored in early. 
Over time, the tools that you own can become quite many. A proper woodworking shop layout and good organization in terms of the storage of material and tools can do much to make things smooth. Woodworking tools should be safely stored in an easy-to-access location. 

Not only will we be accumulating tools, but since we are working with wood, those too could begin to become many. The storage of wood should also be on the agenda early on. 
We may want to clear our room to the extent possible so that we can clearly see what could go where during setup. 

Equipment And Tools

No work is possible in woodworking without the right tools. Over time, you will likely accumulate many pieces of tools, both manual and powered. For example, you may need different kinds of saws to tackle different tasks. As a woodworker, you will need to achieve different shapes in order to do joining and carving your piece, ripping, and so on. 
And how about the planes you'll need to do your milling to remove the hills and valleys on the surface of your projects, or the smoothing, finishing and touching of the edges to achieve the glassy look?

We dare not forget about marking devices like pencils and markers. An awl is not a bad idea to add to this section. If would really come in handy when you need to punch small holes into the wood.  I won't be touching on all the tools and small woodworking shop ideas you'll need in this article. You can get the Ultimate small shop guide here. This small workshop-layout guide not only shows you how to start a small woodworking shop or how to organize a small workshop, the things you'll need in terms of tools, but it reveals to you where to buy at deep discounts so you can save money. it also helps you to save by avoiding buying tools that you really don't need.

Tool Organization

When tools are properly organized, (in the case with the heavier ones), they lessen the risk of them falling, getting damaged or causing injury to yourself or others. Good storage organization makes it easy to find and access your tools with no trouble. Pegboards are a good choice to hand some of your tools for easy reach. Be mindful though that each hole is capable of handling about 5lbs. It should also have about 1/2 or 1.27 cm. behind it for the installation of hooks. If you have a ready-made pegboard, in that case, that space should already be built-in. Mounted hangers are good for electrical cords. But as mentioned, all of this is covered in the Ultimate Small Shop guide for setting up your small workshop.